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College & the Work Force

I personally feel like there are bigger battles to fight then to make budget cuts on continuing education programs. Scott Walker says the new motto should be, “the state’s work force needs.” The point of college is to create a well-rounded individual. This includes life experiences, friendship building, and learning new skills. All of this takes places in college… crazy. It wouldn’t make sense to make budget cuts to limit the college experience. Scott Walker’s main goal is to prepare students for the workforce, this is not a cut and dry process.

Let’s take a physical therapist for example. This profession consists of the body such as anatomy and physiology. This background knowledge would allow a physical therapist to rehabilitate patients. Without the persuasion skills acquired in rhetoric class, getting a not so cooperative patient to perform certain exercises may be next to impossible.

Even though reading King Lear is next to pointless on the outside. I do understand the critical thinking skills that go along with it. These critical thinking skills could be used to build an exercise plan that involves thinking out of the box. Also we have learned to break down words to find their true or deeper meaning. This could be very helpful in reading reports or communication with other doctors.

This website was full of good information. The main point is that college provides a growth of new opportunities. Along with thinking differently with the ability to ask questions and have them answered by skilled professionals in their field of choice.

I don’t like all of the general education classes, but I do feel like they make me better equipped individual for the workforce and allows me to look at life in a different way.


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Extra Credit

There was a lot of different presentations for the show what you know presentations in the library. The one that really stood out was the “how to jump a car” presentation. It was very practical and I actually learned a few different safety measures that I didn’t even know about. He had a lot of good visuals in the presentation. The only thing to make it better would be having jumper cables and a battery there to demonstrate. Considering the other presentations, not having props to use worked out okay. Overall it was a great presentation that kept my attention.